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Hey everyone, so first im going to start off by explaining how my sales and expenses are set up to try to make this as clear as possible haha.

I have PayPal set up for payments (sales) and for credit cards, I use spoify which then transfers the money into a savings account. Those credit card transactions that are sent to my savings account gets transfered into my paypal account where I hold all of my business's money.

For expenses, all of my expenses goes through PayPal using my PayPal debit card.

So knowing this now... I recently got Quickbooks Online and got the Shopify Quickbooks app. On Quickbooks, I set up all of my shopify sales to go directly into quickbooks at midnight every day so its constantly updated. I also downloaded the PayPal app onto quickbooks to add in my expenses.

Now, here's where it gets a little confusing to me. Paypal and Shopfy works pretty good at Matching sales with a Sgopify sales reciept, but sometimes it doesnt do it even though they purchased through my store. I hope that makes sense to someone who is currently doing what I am doing. How do I know that the sales from my paypal arent doubling with the same sale also being imported from shopify?


Heres an example:


  • John P. buys $22 worth so soap through paypal
  • The sale data from paypal gets imported into quickbooks
  • The same sale data also gets imported through Shopify into quickbooks

Sometimes when this happens, quickbooks "matches" them together which is perfect but some sales are just "sales" with no match.

If there is a better way to set up my sales from Shopify into quickbooks and then my expenses only from PayPal into quickbooks, hopefully you can give some insight.

Hope I didnt confuse you all because I kinda just confused myself all over again typeing this haha.



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Hey Chris,

Kyle here from Shopify,

1. Is there anyway you can stop sales data flowing over from Paypal into your quickbooks account? Or is sending sales data from Paypal necessary? 

2. If you have the integration setup on Paypal, do you need any of the order history from Shopify to flow into Quickbooks? Or does the Quickbooks Paypal integration supply you with everything? This is assuming all orders that are made on your Shopify Store are made via paypal and no other way (including the draft order section).

Let me know!

Your Guru,