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I am soon to launch a store and trying to figure out what is required for international taxes. I know for the U.S. as a California based ecommerce website, I am in charge of sales tax plus district tax for my nexus for California alone, and anything outside is tax free. 

Can someone share their knowledge or point me in the direction to where I can understand and set-up international tax rates ands hipping for my ecommerce store?


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Hey Entrepreneur11! 

Iain here, 

Great question! I see you have done your due diligence setting up your California taxes ☺. As for those international orders you do charge tax on those purchases. When you ship the items out of country you will generally need to supply some information for customs so the Duty and Taxes can be applied. If you are interested [here] is a link of USPS customs forms. The reason taxes are charged in the country of  destination is that the national tax authorities will be able to get the money from their citizens/ residents. There is an app by Pitney Bowes [here] that looks to give estimates for international customers on what the duty and taxes might be. 

I hope that helps clear that up ☺

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