Sales Tax Adjustment According to County

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i've been trying really hard to figure out how to appropriately have sales tax applied to items that could be made by customers who reside in  counties within NYS.  I've been reading several threads on Shopify and although reps respond with "this seems to be a unique issue/matter" it really isn't.  I would think there should be an "If, Then" rule created for tax matters like these.  

in my case, I want to know how can i create an override that suits the following: if i entered in an override which exclude sales tax from specific items added to a collection which individually cost UNDER $110, but a customer who resides in a county that is exempt makes a purchase which EXCEEDS $110, how can I get those taxes to adjust accordingly.  I've done several test purchases and it seems the taxes are no adjusted appropriately.  If I create an override to exclude taxes from NYC customers and that "customer" in my test purchase has items in their carts which exceed $110 they're still NOT charge taxes.  I believe this shouldn't be the case.  If the initial items entered into a cart totals $59, then no tax should be charge, however if the customer decides to add times and those items total $300 then taxes should be applied.  This is not happening.  The override is too "concrete".  I would think there should be an If, Then rule which would give users the ability to override "If the total is less than $110, then no tax is applied.  If the total is equal or more than $110 then sales tax should be applied.

Perhaps there is such rule; however after speaking with four reps via chat and phone over the course of two weeks I still have not resolved the matter.  Can you help?  My site is scheduled to launch on February 16 and I was hoping to get this issue resolved.  

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