Sales Tax & Dropshipping

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Ok, so I know all about the basics on sales tax and a nexus. I have only a physical location in NV so I'm registered here already for sales tax. I want to add several suppliers as drop shippers. These suppliers have presences in other states such as CA, TN, CT, FL, MS, MA, MD, and NY. 

1) Do I have to register for sales tax certificates in each of these states then since I use a supplier/dropshipper located there? Do I have to report the sales tax myself?

2) If I fail to register in these states, does the drop-shipper have to charge me sales tax on my orders?

3) If I'm not required to register and the drop shipper does have to charge me sales tax at the time I order, and then they report the sales tax to their state, can I charge for sales tax to the customer? Since I'm responsible to pay that sales tax amount to the supplier, can I charge sales tax even though I'm not reporting any to any state?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!