Sales Tax Nexus Settings

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My company is located in MN. I have economic nexus in about13 states, including CO. I don't have a physical presence in CO. I do have economic nexus. When setting up CO in the tax settings I am forced to enter a zip code where I have a physical presence. To get around this I just added a random zip code so it would start charing taxes in CO. Is this the wrong thing to do or what Zip code should I enter?

I recently found an error where an order shipping to a certain CO zipcode didn't use the zip code of the SHIP TO address. Rather, it used the zip code I entered in the settings when I setup the CO sales tax info. Ofcourse the taxes were calulated incorrectly and I had to refund this customer some of the taxes.

I noticed other orders in states are pulling the SHIP TO zip and calculating the correct tax rate.

Did I set this up wrong?