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My company is located in MN. I have economic nexus in about13 states, including CO. I don't have a physical presence in CO. I do have economic nexus. When setting up CO in the tax settings I am forced to enter a zip code where I have a physical presence. To get around this I just added a random zip code so it would start charing taxes in CO. Is this the wrong thing to do or what Zip code should I enter?

I recently found an error where an order shipping to a certain CO zipcode didn't use the zip code of the SHIP TO address. Rather, it used the zip code I entered in the settings when I setup the CO sales tax info. Ofcourse the taxes were calulated incorrectly and I had to refund this customer some of the taxes.

I noticed other orders in states are pulling the SHIP TO zip and calculating the correct tax rate.

Did I set this up wrong?



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This is outlandish!  This all requires time to be built into shopify and the supplier's apps/platforms.  It shouldn't be the burden of the seller to calculate and input and build for the online store every possible sales tax nexus!  In fact, it needs to be the customer's responsibility to enter their zip code and know their sales / use tax for that zip code, or the jurisdiction, etc.  That would make the whole thing more efficient if the bill continues and doesn't get stamped out, which it should's reckless and overbearing.  A simpler tax solution needs to be created in the law books, not this Wayfair gov pyramid scheme!  If interested, here's a link to help with figuring stuff out that I found after discovering the sales tax nightmare that was initiated in South Dakota (imagine that, one state supreme court ruling deciding the future tax system of other states which were more than happy to oblige).  I'm a new seller too, so the information is important since this new law is being thoroughly, yet egregiously enforced.


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Hi DerekK, 


Since the Wayfair decision many companies are having the very same problem, physical presence is not the only criteria to have a nexus and it's tricky to set up. I'd recommend you to use a piece of software that calculate state and local sales taxes automatically such as Quaderno


Quaderno automatically charges the right sales tax rate in every sale, updates the them when they change, and notifies you every time you surpass a sale threshold. Also, with Quaderno tax reports, tax filing is a matter of minutes not hours.


Disclaimer: I work at Quaderno. If you have any questions, please feel free t reach out. I'm happy to help.

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Hi Ana7,


i have the same problem and a question that if we collect sales tax for all states by the help with Quaderno, how do we deal with the money we collect of those states not surpass the threshold?