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I am new to Shopify, moved my store from another platform.  I have to collect sales taxes in multiple states including New York that requires reports down to the local taxing level.  Shopify seems to charge the sales tax but I do not see the reporting necessary for the returns.


I have used Avalera on my previous sites and am wondering if I need that level of detail if I will need to add that service to Shopify as well, or am I overlooking something with Shopify services.  


Appreciate any responses.

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Hi adriennew, 


To get your tax reports accurate and in seconds, you could use a tool such as Quaderno. Quaderno provides you with reports and summaries containing all the information you need for filing, with just a click. Furthermore, it will let you know when any tax changes, creates reports, and sends tax compliant invoices. Quaderno will also notify you when you reach a sales tax registration threshold so you know you are expected to register there.


Full disclaimer, I work at Quaderno. If you have any questions, you can reach us at


Hope that helps!


Avalara is only available on Shopify's Plus level and it's very expensive. Shopify does offers sales tax reports under taxes tab.

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I am also confused - I see there are sales tax reports, but how can I filter the results to see totals for geographic areas that I am collecting taxes?