Sales report shows incorrect! Ignores refund from Klarna

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My sales report ignores refund, says ive sold alot more then i have!

My reports, like the one on the dashboard to the right that says how much ive sold does not calculate all my refunds correct!
It seems as when doing refund to VISA/Mastercard everything seems to be reported right.

But in Sweden we have alot of customers buying with Klarna. (through the official shopify gateway solution).

When doing a refund with Klarna through Shopify admin it generates strange financial reports.
It makes another fictive sale that day and then a refund. Making the totalt 0 on the refund day?
So im blindly thinking wow what a great month of sales when we actually have 30% less money!
This sticks through months of sales so it doesnt "wait" for a completion of the refund either.

A refund shows up in the sales reports something like:

20th March, Sold25800 SEK200 SEK1000 SEK
10th April, Refund25-800 SEK-200 SEK-1000 SEK
10th April, Sold again(!?)251000 SEK0 SEK1000 SEK

That makes the report think i still have 1000 SEK from the customer but i should have 0.

The only way to get the right sales figures is by looking at the payouts-report to me by "Shopify Payments".

I am guessing this is not how it should be?

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Hi @Forslunds , I'm not sure what's causing this issue, but I do have an alternative solution! My company develops a profit tracker app for Shopify, BeProfit. It does A LOT of things, and among them you can track all your orders including refunds, generate\schedule reports or use pre-defined report templates. You're welcome to check it out, and I'd be happy to help if you need any assistance!