Selling in $, need invoices in €? Is this possible

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I live in Belgium, but sell mostly in the US. So, my store charges in US $. But because I'm taxed in euros, my invoices should be in euros. So, I'm looking for a solution 

When someone orders a product on my site, they get an order confirmation email containing the order details and $ amounts because my shopify store is set up in $. 

For my accountant I need an invoice for each order in euros, because i'm taxed in euros. Is there a solution that creates an invoice in euros (converted from $ at moment of purchase)? It doesn't necessarily need to be sent to the customer, it's for my taxes. 

Thank you for your help!

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I think you might be approaching this the wrong way.

I live in Germany and I've sold in USD through a Shopify store too. I sent my customers invoices in USD, as the conversion to Euro occurred in the account that received the payment, e.g. Paypal or my credit card processor.

The problem is that, even if you create a Euro invoice with prices converted from USD based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase, this will never be the same amount you're actually receiving in whatever payment accounts you're using to receive your customers' payments. Paypal, credit card companies, etc. all use their own (worse for you, better for them) exchange rates which will never be the same as the rates you get from, say,

So I would recommend you invoice your customers in USD and also hand those invoices to your accountant, along with statements from your payment processors in which the exchange rate to Euros should be evident.

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Use an multilingual or multi currency  invoice app like the free receipt maker of and create yours own.