Shopify Payments - Access to Payout Data by Finance Users

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How are people who are using Shopify Payments handling the fact that only the Store Owner can access Shopify Payouts? 

Shopify says this is a security issue but then suggests we share the Owners login with Finance. That's a no.If it was truly a security issue it would be buried in Admin and would be its own permission.

It's not sustainable to have the store owner email a report to Finance -- it can't even be scheduled, per Shopify support. And if there is a reconciliation issue, the payout detail is not available in a report, only in Shopify Admin and only to the store owner. 

We don't understand how this isn't a big issue with other customers. We've asked for a product enhancement, but who knows if it will be accepted and if so, when. Our store isn't live yet, so we have no idea how often Shopify updates its product. 

We'd love to hear from other users, and if this IS a problem for you, please log a request with Shopify!

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I am having this problem as well.  My AR person needs access to ensure cash is recorded correctly and to save the details, but they cannot download the report.  Now, I need to download the report for them each time.  Not effecient, and there is no reason to open up the rest of security, just so they can access this one reporting function from Shopify.

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This is a problem for us too - our accountant needs to view Shopify payouts and we absolutely cannot give full permissions

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Running into this as well. About to jump on chat with support and see what they can tell me. This seems ridiculous.