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I have Shopify and I have Quickbooks for my new business. I was told they could be integrated to make my life easier (by both Shopify and Quickbooks). Even though I asked, I was not told there would be another fee for this. Can anybody help me with the easiest way to get the information from Shopify to Quickbooks without ending up with ANOTHER monthly charge?

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Dear Store owner,

Yes, you can definitely make your life easier by integrating the Shopify to QuickBooks.
All the apps on the Shopify app store for QuickBooks integration are paid apps.


The integration is very complicated given the different accounting standards and tax rules for all the different countries and currencies supported by Shopify & QuickBooks.

I do not know how many orders do you process every month, but there are apps that charge based on your monthly volume.


Please take a look at our app, QuickBooks Bridge at

We have one of the lowest charges among all the QuickBooks apps. Also, we are charging only enough to cover the costs of our servers as well as our developers who out in lot of efforts to make the sync very efficient and accurate.

We also offer minor customizations based on your requirements for very little or absolutely no additional charge.


Do let us know if we can be of any help.

Thank you.


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Aria here, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify.


I'm not sure how many orders you're getting on your store right now but the Quickbooks® Sync by Bold app is free for up to 30 orders per month.


I believe that is the only free option. Does that help?


How are you getting on with your new store otherwise? Do you have any other pain points you're trying to iron out?

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi, I am not sure if you are still looking for a reliable solution for Shopify QuickBooks integration. 

Having a scalable integration solution makes your life easier as your business grows. So a paid solution which is customizable and caters to your needs can be a lifesaver.

I would suggest you go through the resources to learn more about the integration processes.

You can also take a free trial of the solution as well.


For my Shopify bookkeeping clients, I find its much easier if I just export the orders from Shopify and import them into Quickbooks myself. I really haven't found any apps that work well.

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Please let me know what your outcome was. We have this exact same issue. Seems everything I go to do with my Shopify account requires another app. It gets very frustrating to pay for their service then buy Quickbooks because they are so highly recommended together only to be told again that I need an app. That’s an additional $19.99 - $99 per month!!! 😬

I have learned that I don’t want to transfer every sale to QB. I only want to do the daily totals. The summary of all things net, gross, fees etc. I have been told that transferring every sale will just be an overload of unnecessary info in QB. We have Shopify for our POS system in our two Brick and Mortar locations in addition to Shopify for our online sales. We have more than the 30 sales per month that the free app offers. So that doesn’t help......😥

I would Love to Know what your offical resolution was for this matter. Thank you in advance for your time.
Unless you’re just in love with Quickbooks Online, you could use Xero and A2X Accounting for Shopify. The cost of these two apps is usually less than the cost of a Quickbooks Online subscription. A2X Accounting summarizes the Shopify information and posts to Xero. For a typical store, it’s less than an hour a month to post sales.

If you prefer Quickbooks, there is also an A2X Accounting version for it.

To me, having the right apps is cheaper in the long run. Even if you have pay a small amount.

Alana Bryant (CPA and app junkie)

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I have a massive inventory in Quickbooks and a small portion in Shopify.  I definitely don't want to sync them!  Do you have any directions or guidance on importing/exporting between the two?

@eCommAccountant wrote:

For my Shopify bookkeeping clients, I find its much easier if I just export the orders from Shopify and import them into Quickbooks myself. I really haven't found any apps that work well.


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eCommAccountant, any chance you would be willing to give me a rundown on how you do this? I'm currently just exporting my orders to a spreadsheet, adding a column to calculate the tax rate by order, cut/pasting the separate tax rates into separate spreadsheets, running a total figure for each per month, then manually adding those monthly sales figures into Quickbooks. Is there any easier way? I'd love to have the orders go into Quickbooks individually.