Shopify not charging correct county taxes

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I'm having a problem with SC county taxes.  In SC, the taxes are supposed to be charged based on the county which the item is shipped to, not from.  Everyone who is making purchases on the site from within SC is automatically being charged tax based on the county that I am in.  While the county taxes are pretty standard across the state, this creates a huge problem in our tax reporting.  All of our taxes are showing up in reports as being charged by our county.  The only way to find out what taxes we need to report county by county is by manually going through all orders for the month, calculating the taxes we actually should be paying (not what was charged), and creating our reports by hand?  Has anyone else in our state, or other states had this problem?

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Hi Mike,

that's a pretty unique situation you got there but a real practical problem. What you need is an app to collect and build local tax jurisdiction reports. The only app I have seen do that is TaxJar.  

They have a detailed guide: Sales Tax and South Carolina: What Online Sellers Should Know

You can reach out to them and get further details/help. Hope this is of help. Do reply if you get your issue addressed. Thanks