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How are others solving having customers that have a tax exempt status?

I have read the following suggestion (and comments):

1.  Create a discount code equal to the tax amount.  Response: This is not possible because of the county, Municipal locations vary.

2.  Refund the taxes.  Response: Great so I get charged twice for the credit card fees....

3.  Run 2 sites, for double the costs, one locked down for tax exempt customer.  Response: so you wan to charge me 2x... 

Shopify - this is a very normal business need.  I read over a year ago how you are working on it... This really is not hard to do... A flag on the customer and the code to not charge tax....


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I have come to this similar problem and so far all I have come up with is using a variant to accomplish this.  My solution currently only works for products with only one variant.

  1. Create a second variant for products that should also have a tax exempt price, and name it "Tax Exempt".
  2. This second variant should have "Charge taxes on this product" unchecked.
  3. Any customers that should have this tax exempt price should be tagged with "tax-exempt".
  4. I wrote some code to replace the options in product.liquid
  5. {% if customer and customer.tags contains 'tax-exempt' %}
        {% for variant in product.variants %}
        	{% if variant.title == 'Tax Exempt' %}
        		<input type="hidden" id="id" name="id" value="{{ }}" />
        	{% endif %}
        {% endfor %}
    {% else %}
    	<input type="hidden" id="id" name="id" value="{{ }}" />
    {% endif %}
  6. If the customer is logged in and has the tag "tax-exempt", when they click on add to cart, the tax exempt variant id will be added to the cart.


I am hoping there is a better solution for this and curious to see other ideas.

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We would like to see a better solution for this as well.

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I have retail AND wholesale customers. There MUST be a way for you to add the sales tax discount daily easily.  A sales tax rate Promo code?