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How do you configure customers for tax exempt?  I cannot find information on this anywhere.

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Shopify Staff
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Thanks for writing in!

There's no easy way to make a customer tax exempt. You can either simply refund equal to taxes when it comes up, or you can use an app called lockdown ( Essentially with lockdown, you'd create a duplicate section of your store and lock it down. In the duplicate part of you store, just make all the products tax exempt (on a specific product's page, go to the bottom right and hit edit - then uncheck the box that says 'charge taxes'). Just give the login to the tax exempt part of your store to anyone who's tax exempt!

Hope this makes sense and feel free to give me a shout if there's anything else I can do!

Ayal Sadeh
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We are a French based company and sell internationally 

I think I have a workaround for this issue.

1/ Each product has a title; at the end of my title text I am adding my tax inclusive price. in big letters!

(Now the customer can see two prices showing the tax inc price and the tax free price)

2/ I am then setting the product price to be the tax free price

3/ In my stores tax section I am setting the tax rates as: France and all countries in the EU 19.6% (French tax rate) and the rest of the world is set as zero.

4/ Also in my stores tax section (Under store settings) I have un-checked the box that says my prices are tax inclusive

(now shopify will calculate tax based on the shipping address)

Ayal, can you think of a reason why this will not work?

My store address is (due to go public this week)




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I have wholesale customers and I am using lockdown, The wholesale situation in BC requires that we charge the GST Tax but not the PST tax. I can't seem to find a tag based method to make that work. The only options are tax or no tax not one or... All I can do is mark the price as including GST and make the collection tax exempt.


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Whats the best way for a group/tax exempt (like a school) to have a fundraiser. And how do I separate their sales from the public?


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We are almost finished loading over 500 products and two months of work on this, and just now found out that we cannot mark our wholesale customers tax exempt.  We do not want two stores.  We cannot give them a code because shopify won't support two codes, and they are already getting a code for their wholesale discount. Does anyone know of an app to do this.  This seems so basic to me, I can't believe shopify doesn't have this option to mark on a customer by customer basis.  Anyone help?