Tax being charged everyonce in a while. Can't figure out why.

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We deliver food to go and so do not charge/pay sales tax on our orders. Every once in a while the system will add a state tax to an online order (i.e., our recent order #1971). Can you tell me why this is happening / how to fix it?

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Hi there Hugh,

It looks as if you are charging tax for orders in California and on one product "Mini fried chicken sandwiches" the setting to charge tax is also on. If you will not be charging tax, be aware that some local laws require you to show how tax was collected, even if it is included. Something to be aware of, since Shopify can also support that setup :)

To fix this from happenignin the future for California orders you can do two things, remove the tax for California (set to 0) and turn off the charge tax option on the one product. It may also be worth checking the other products to ensure that the setting is as you wanted.

Hope this helps,