Taxes when based in Australia but using a supplier in Germany (EU)

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Dear Community, 

i am totally confused and I can not find an appropriate answer anywhere, so I hope someone is able to give me an advice. I am based in Australia and I am looking forward to launch my store. All it depends on now is to set the taxes right. 

So i am based in Australia but I am going to use a supplier in Germany. I know that if I would be based in Germany I would have to charge GST/VAT if I sell to a European customer and that I don't have to charge GST/VAT if I sell it outside but I does this change when I am based outside of the EU. 

1. Do i have to charge and register GST/VAT in the European Countries I sell to or do I not charge any?

2. If I will have a customer from the US/Canada ect. I don't have to pay GST/VAT as I don't have nexus there? Is that right?

3. If I will have a customer from Australia and I am not GST registered (because I don't have a turnover of 75 000$ yet) I don't charge GST, right? 

Do i have to be aware of anything as the supplier is in the European Union? 

Unfortunately there is few information about this topic in the www and therefor I hope someone is able to help me out on this matter.

P.s. I asked an accountant in Australia but couldn't get a proper answer.

Please help :)  


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HI there, wondering if you found an answer to your questions above? i am launching a store and will have a similar situation that i cant quite work out. would be great if you could share what you have learnt, if you don't mind. thank you in advance! best of luck with your store.