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I live in the state of MN and I am to collect taxes based on where the shipment is coming from and is being shipped to. Since I have suppliers all over the US with different zip codes how do you set this up in Shopify to calculated the correct taxes? I have looked and spent many hours on this. Maybe I'm missing something.

The same also applies for shipping.


Thank you.

Lori B.

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Hi Lori,

Cian here from Shopify. Great question on taxes!

If you are a merchant with a business that needs to charge tax within the United States, you can enable automatic tax rates in your Shopify admin. As part of setting up automatic tax rates for your store in the United States, you must add your physical location(s). Taxes will apply on the county, municipal and state taxes level, depending on your local tax laws. For more information on this and how to set it up - see the following link:

Also, there is a great Sales Tax Guide for Shopify Sellers that was created by TaxJar that might be helpful to you. You can check it out here:

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