VAT - Business or Customer registration on Account Creation

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For my EU-based shop, with both Business and Client customers I need to have the possibility for a new customer to register whether he is Business (with VAT/GST number) or Client during the Account creation.  And based on that (with an automatic check to see whether is it a valid VET/GST number), the prices, orders and invoices should be generated.

How can I do that? It is the only way that Shopify will be used by people like me.. otherwise is is just not usable since the VAT-legislation is mandatory..


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Hey Stijn, 

Jamie here from Shopify. You can work through this Shopify Doc to add additional fields to your customer registration form. This can include any details that pertain to your business, such as a VAT number. This will be added to the customer section of your admin for your reference. You can then exempt this customer from taxation from your end using this walkthrough. This wouldn't necessarily be an automated process, but certainly can be used to collect the appropriate VAT information and make eligible customers tax exempt. 


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Hi guys,

many of you experience the same problem with EU VAT handling. Since Shopify still not has a proper solution for this, I decided to set up a petiotion. Maybe we can convince Shopify together. Let's unite!