VAT for EU - Followed all tutorials - Not working

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the TAX in Shopify does not work on Checkout. No separation is shown as indicated in:  

"When this feature is enabled, both you and the customer will still see the relevant taxes as a line item, even though no taxes appear to be added. The subtotal and total will be identical, but the amount of tax you must remit for this order will also be indicated."


I have followed all tutorials including these to no avail:      ...and more


Theme - ICON (purchased Pro Theme) 

Tried other themes still not working

I realise there is an ongoing EU/VAT discussion but this (to show or not to show TAX ) is a built in function in Shopify 

Anyone with pointers or suggestions? What have I missed?


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Hey there,

Hmmm.  What accounting package are you trying to connect to Aakerman?
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Hi Robert,

I’m sorry I react quite late, but hope this will be helpful at least a bit for you.

How taxes are displayed in your store depends on several things. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to have taxes included or excluded in your product prices.

Second, you have to make sure you have your EU taxes set up correctly in your Shopify store.

Once you sorted out all your tax settings, the taxes will appear correctly on your orders and invoices. I don’t know whether you’ve integrated any invoicing software to your store, but Sufio is an invoicing app for Shopify that will make sure your taxes are always displayed correctly on your invoices and other business documents.

You can also check out this straightforward VAT guide for EU Shopify stores that might help you clear things out a bit too.

Hope this helps Rob.

Have a great day,

Katy @ Sufio