Views of Less Accounting + Shopify?

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Hello there,

I'm running one Shopify store, planning to add one or two more (all connected to the same business).

Once that's done I'll desperately need to find some way of simplifying my accounting (at the minute I'm manually add Shopify sales to a spreadsheet along with my retail store and  'other' mail order sales).

Initially I probably wouldn't use LA for my general accounting - just hoping that I'll be able to use to:

- track all Shopify sales

- allow me to raise invoices for trade customers (letting them pay via PayPal or bank transfer)

I gather there might be an issue with LA not correctly recording Shopify sales using discount codes correctly BUT I may be able to work around that.

Would welcome other LA users' views of the integration before I take the plunge.

If it's relevant, I'm based in the UK, VAT registered and charging in sterling.

Thanks in advance!



Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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I set up LA for a few clients, then ended up setting it up for myself. Thus far I am very happy with the product (3 months). I have bank account and paypal reconciliation, invoicing, and Shopify integration.

It took a bit to get the bank sync working, but I think that has improved. As for your specific bank I can't say. I would do two things, I would do the free trial, I think it's 30 days and just take it for a test spin and I would chime in your specific questions on their get satisfaction account, they are pretty good about answering back quickly. :::