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Business owners work hard every day to create, market and sell their products. The last thing they should be doing is spending hours with their accounting solution batching out daily sales. Commerce Sync empowers them to save time and eliminate accounting errors by automatically transferring sales information to their accounting solution. Whether they use QuickBooks or Xero, Commerce Sync gives business owners the freedom to get back to growing their business. Now they can do it for free.

IP Commerce is thrilled to announce that Commerce Sync is now available free in the Shopify App Store. The app, which automates the transfer of sales data from your e-commerce portal to your accounting solution, is helping small business owners nationwide recognize the time-saving and error-minimizing benefits it offers. An asset to small businesses and entrepreneurs, Commerce Sync simplifies routine tasks so our customers can focus time and energy on running their business.

The idea behind Commerce Sync is simple. By transferring sales information from Shopify to an accounting solution, the app lightens the load of the small business owner. With Commerce Sync, daily sales are automatically batched and sent directly to the accounting solution of choice. Commerce Sync supports both desktop and online versions of QuickBooks, as well as Xero. The process saves time and eliminates the errors that often occur when the process is performed manually.

With a one-time activation process, users are free to relax and let the technology take over. You’re just a few clicks away from no-cost accounting automation.

Commerce Sync helps reduce costly accounting errors for Shopify merchants (and save time in the process) with an easily activated, totally customizable solution. Focus on the important aspects of growing your business, and let the quietly brilliant Commerce Sync count the beans.

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