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Hi there,

I currently use both Shopify and Xero however they are not currently linked. Are there any apps that currently exist that automatically create an invoice which is sent to the customer when there order is placed? I am trying to order this whole process

Is there any way of achieving this?


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Hey Hamish

While there isn't a way to link them through the Shopify Admin, there is an app that does just what you want it to! The app is called Xero Accountancy & Bookkeeping Integrator (by CarryTheOne) (https://apps.shopify.com/xero-accountancy-bookkeeping-integrator-by-carrytheone). This app allows you to integrate your Xero account with Shopify seamlessly. It even has a 30 day free trial so you can test it out and see if it'll work for you!

I hope that helps! 

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You can also use this free app we built:


It will put all your transactions in a format that Xero (or really any accounting app) can easily import.


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We can do that!  We export automatically from Shopify to Xero your orders, plus we can also export Purchase orders and COGS.

14 day free trial >> www.veeqo.com


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Check out what Xero recommends - https://www.xero.com/add-ons/category/ecommerce/

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Heya all,

Just a quick note: we at ZapStitch are preparing to release our new integration with Xero. 800+ shopify stores like you have trusted ZapStitch to automate accounting and now we are No1 ranked accounting app in the AppStore.

If you are a Xero user, we invite you for exclusive early access to our integration between Shopify-Xero. 

Our app automatically imports orders as invoices, creating payments and inventory items. New customer records are imported within seconds and existing ones are matched.  


- During test period (~15 days) you will be able to sync Orders, Products (inventory items), Customers for Free. 
- After test period, once the app is live, we will offer you a full month of subscription Free of cost!

If you are interested, drop me a mail at tejaswi[at]zapstitch[dot]com or reply here. 
​Please let me know if you need more details. Looking forward to hear from you and build the best integration.

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Heya guys, 

Wanted to share a quick update that our ZapStitch add on has been released on Xero app store: https://www.xero.com/us/add-ons/search/?q=zapstitch

We are still inviting beta users for non US regions (Canada, Aus, NZ, UK among others) 

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but the direction is one way shopify to xero

ie you chnage a customers details in xero that doesn't get reflected in shopify


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Hey Hamish

As mentioned by others on this thread, there is no direct way to connect them from Shopify Admin, but we (at ZapStitch) integrate Shopify and Xero seamlessly.

We are No-1 accounting integration in Shopify app store with more than 1200 Shopify stores from US, Canada, UK and Australia using our solution.

ZapStitch offers many exclusive advance accounting feature like "Payment Fee Tracking" which no other integration app is offering as of today.

Other features include-

1. Refunds syncing,

2. Auto- importing Sales Orders, Customers and products to Xero

3. Auto- scheduling the sync so that you need not run a sync manually.

4. Automate your sales tax reporting.

It comes with a 15 days FREE TRIAL (No Credit Card required). You can check here (https://apps.shopify.com/quickbooks-online-xero-integration-zapstitch ) to sign up.

Do let me know If you have any other query related to Shopify-Xero integration.

Best Regards



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Hi everybody,

Shopify has just launched it's Xero integration and it can be installed at apps.shopify.com/xero. Our app is currently in beta and look forward to hearing any feedback that you have. 

Cheers, Thea