Xero vs Saasu (in 2015) for integrating with Shopify (Australian accounting)

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We run multiple (tech services oriented) businesses and also a Shopify store.  We're now planning to use a cloud accounting package and are comparing / evaluating Saasu & Xero.

One significant factor is how well either integrates with Shopify.  Ideally we would like out of the box integration without having to use a paid app.  (Ouch - some of the integration apps cost more that the Shopify subscription itself!)

Do either Xero or Saasu integrate with Xero out of the box?  Not only for transations / sales but inventory as well?  Or are integration apps like "Carry The One", "ZapStitch" or "OneSaaS" necessary?  

In any case, which cloud accounting system do you use?

Looking forward to hearing your opinion.

Thank you.

Shopify Staff
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Not sure if you've already selected an option, but Shopify has just launched our Xero app. It's in beta, and we're love to hear your feedback. apps.shopify.com/xero

Let us know what you think :)