Zen Payroll - Inexpensive Full Service Payroll - A-List investors including TOBIAS LÜTKE

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Hi everyone. We just switched our payroll to Zen Payroll. We expect to save $1000 a year over PayChex. Zen is just $29/mo + $4/employee. Having been burned by a local payroll company, we moved to PayChex a few years ago. Zen popped up on my FB feed. I was skeptical - until I saw the list of investors. It's a Who's-Who of tech. On top of Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, and Y-combinator, there's the CEO/founder/co-founder of Shopify (Toby), Wordpress, Yahoo, Reddit, Mint.com, Yelp, Box, Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter, Stripe - that's just from memory.

At any rate, we just ran out first payroll. Setup was easy, support was quick with answering questions. Click the link below for a free 2-month trial:



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