e-commerce(Shopify) business funding

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Hi guys,

I've been struggling to find a company or option out there that provides funding(Loan, etc) to purchase an already established shopify store where all financials can be provided.

If anyone knows any options out there to get financing for Non-US residents, it would be much appreciated!

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Ruwen Moodley
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I don't think there are investors that would want to invest money into an online shop but they might approve your request. Plus they have the refinancing option - if you don't make it return the money, they'll give you another loan with the purpose to return the previous one. They help you and they benefit at the same time. And the more chances for your business to succeed, the interest will have the bank to invest money in it. On Lånemegleren.no I saw the refinancing option and I think it would be better to take the refinancing from another bank than the one that you took the first loan.