how is the tax calculated? Should I charge my customer for tax?

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Hi there, 

I live in Canada. and selling rest of the world?

I spoke one of he Shopify Guru i should be charging the tax.

But customers from different countries have different tax system. i dont see shopify have the setup of tax to charge the tax per customer's address.

So how do you guys set up the tax?

should i charge tax where i live to all customers? 

Thanks so much for your suggestion

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Brendan here from Shopify. 

I'll start off by saying it is incredibly difficult to keep up with every state's different tax laws, so we've done our best to set up default tax rates for your own country. I've attached a great document at the end of this paragraph that explains everything in detail.

I would highly recommend giving us a call at 1-888-746-7439 with any concerns regarding taxes and our platform and we can clear up any questions you may have :)

I hope this helps!

- Brendan | Shopify Guru