how to set up Automatic exchange rate, automatic price change in product catalog ?

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Need help! Don't know how to set up automatically exchange rate and automatic price changes in product catalog when the exchange rate will change. 

The products which we are going to sell on website will be sold in USD$, but we buy this product from our supplier in other currency. Becasue of non stable economy in our country the exchange rate fluctuates very often, so it can easily affect profit. 

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Hello there George!

Will here from Shopify to help out with your currency :)

I'd highly suggest that if you're charging in USD but, looking to adjust for your local currency, or other, you checkout our App Store. From there, there are a few apps such as the Currency Exchange or Auto Currency Exchanger which automatically adjust the prices reflected on the storefront would be according to the exchange.

I hope that helps you! If you need further assistance, definitely let us know. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us.


William L.
Guru @ Shopify