reports for bookkeeper?

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Hi Nick

Any update on the product request you are mentioning. I guess what I am looking for to provide to my bookkeeper is a detailed transcript of each payment done to my bank account. Out of the $$ paid to the account, what was gross sales, what was transaction fees shopify, what was transaction fees to maybe creditvard company etc and what was possible exchange rate fees that made the amount in to SEK on my account.
Alos, just to be clear custom reports are not a feature in basic plan?


Data export (the app) have a cost yes?

Thanks in advance for help here


Mr Stark

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Hello @carolb,

You can try Report Pundit if you prefer not to give the shop access to your accountants.

Many merchants use Report pundit to create accounting reports on order detail, taxes, sales tax, PayPal reconciliation, Shopify Payouts, refunds, inventory and many more. Bookkeepers also use our app for creating Quickbooks and Xero templates to upload into the accounting package

You can schedule any pre-created or custom reports to the single/multiple Email IDs or Google Sheets.

We have worked with many accountants to create free custom reports on behalf of their merchants. Contact us at for help in creating reports.


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