the problem of irregular and many documents

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I need some advice how to overcome the problem of irregular document and files..sometimes I loss the important document of transaction because there are too many document such as invoice, receipt and so on..all of this document i need to keep manually..and of course if the document was loss it will affect the process in preparing financial statement..


I want to know whether is there any existing system that I can use to overcome this problem or I need to create the system that have those characteristics..the characteristics is only based on daily sales and online ordering

1) for daily sales transaction..item that purchased by customers will scan through bar code and the information about the type, quantity and price will automatically link to the journal, balance sheet and financial that, it will reduce the hard copies of document that I need to keep...

2) for online order, customers will fill the form from the website..afterIi approve the order the same process once again occur..the system directly link the transaction to  the journal, balance sheet and financial statement.

if I create the system could someone give me an advice about the factors:

1) economics

-how should I budget about the cost involve

-which are more cheaper create the new system or using existing system


-what is the constraint(activities) to build this system

-the timeframe for completion

-the probability of the project t complete within it schedule time limits by a planned due date


-does the organization have access to people who can design, implement and operate this system


-do you think is there any existing technology can be use to implement and develop this system

-thank you-