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Credit card paiement

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hello everyone
I have just opened my shopify store 1 week ago. I already have everything well prepared, the site, my theme, domain name. And now I'm coming to the payment method. I did a lot of facebook ads, and others, and I had a lot of visits, but the problem is, the unique payment method is a problem. Currently I only have paypal as a payment method, and that's holding back customers, because everyone wants to have a choice of payment methods. In the space where we choose the suppliers, not everything is available in my country, because I am in Madagascar, and the problem is precisely to know, if there are other alternatives that shopify can offer so that I can integrate the credit card payment buttons. I have already tried on paypal, with the code lines to enter, but nothing happens.
I'd like to get some help on this because I pay subscriptions because my site is already launched.
Thank you


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