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add class on feature-row

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I would like to add a class to one of specific feature-row section (the one called "Image with text). 

I dont know where to find it in section part of the liquide code. 

I have 2 image with text Section in my landing page, how add class on only one (I mean how to find the second one in the code for exemple...)

I don't know if can put a new name in this ; 

% schema %}
"name": {
"cs": "Obrázek s textem",
"da": "Billede med tekst",
"de": "Foto mit Text",
"en": "Image with text",
"es": "Imagen con texto",
"fi": "Kuva tekstillä",
"fr": "Image avec texte",
"it": "Immagine con testo",
"ja": "テキスト付き画像",
"ko": "텍스트 포함 이미지",
"nb": "Bilde med tekst",
"nl": "Afbeelding met tekst",
"pl": "Obraz z tekstem",
"pt-BR": "Imagem com texto",
"pt-PT": "Imagem com texto",
"sv": "Bild med text",
"th": "รูปภาพพร้อมข้อความ",
"tr": "Metin içeren görsel",
"vi": "Hình ảnh có chữ",
"zh-CN": "带文本图片",
"zh-TW": "附文字的圖片"


I'm beginner of Shopify :) 


Thank you for your time

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here is a link that can help you create a new section with image and text, product ...

site link 

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