10 tips to prepare your store for the biggest shopping weekend!


Did you know? Shopify store owners made sales worth over $2.9 Billion during BFCM 2019? 

This year, according to a Google report, “People will discover and buy online even more” and most of them will shop at local, small businesses.

Bottom line: It’s past time to prepare your Shopify store for the biggest shopping weekend in the United States!

Now this year may not be exactly the same. Customer priorities and buying behavior has changed SIGNIFICANTLY this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So what should you keep in mind? Armed with customer insights from this crazy year, we tell you all about the Shopify store experience to create for higher Black Friday Cyber Monday sales. 

1. Mobile shopping is going to be higher than ever before

Yes, a lot of us still browse on a mobile and then purchase on desktop, but more people are shopping from their phones today than ever before and it’s only growing with every year. With people being careful about stepping out this year, you can be sure that a substantial number of your Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales will come from mobile phones.

2. A lot of your customers will be shopping for gifts

Black Friday Cyber Monday sales come right before the festive season, so a lot of customers take this chance to buy gifts. In fact, November is the peak season for Christmas gift-buying so by the time Black Friday rolls around you’re going to have a lot of shoppers frantically working on their gifting lists with great deals.

3. Most of the customers don't know what to buy - they need help

Most customers don’t actually know what gifts they want to buy. They browse through stores expecting to be struck by inspiration or – more likely – a great deal!

4. Steep discounts are obvious purchase drivers, followed by discounts not available at other times during the year

It’s no surprise that high discounts are what drive sales during the BFCM weekend, right? What’s interesting is that customers make their decision because they are convinced that these discounts are the highest in the year.

5. Customers expect personalized product recommendations

Customers start browsing for products well in advance, and it’s very likely that they have visited your website at least once before they make their purchase. That means they now expect you to remember them and personalize their experience – at the very least with personalized product recommendations based on their previously-viewed products.
(On a side note: You might be wondering, are customers going out of their way to look for personalized recommendations when they visit your website? Probably not. But, like most great user experiences, it’s something they will definitely notice if missing.)

6. Clear product descriptions & images are more important than ever

Since most consumers will be shopping online this year, they are going to be buying products that they haven’t seen or felt before – that is to say, they are going to be taking your word for how the product looks and feels.

7. Care, convenience & quality have emerged as leading reasons why customers choose a brand in the new normal 

Influenced by the pandemic, customers are being more particular about choosing brands that care about them and offer convenience and quality. The idea being that showing care, offering convenience and being particular about quality lead to a positive experience and instill trust for the customer.

And that brings me to... The comprehensive list to getting your Shopify store ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales! Visit this page to discover the top 10 ways to best prepare your store for the shopping festival of the year.

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