Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales and Deals

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Do any apps now bring the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

I've checked to find if there are any good coupons for sellers in this time.

If you know any deals or coupons, could you provide some more details? I will be very appreciated! Thank you and have a safe Black Friday and a delicious Thanksgiving!

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You can try Ali Reviews. I'm Ali Reviews user and just have received and email announcing that it's giving coupons in this BFCM 

In particularly: 

  • 10% off for Starter Plan: Enter code ARBFCM10 when install the app 
  • 20% off for Essential and Premium Plan: Enter code ARBFCM20 when install the app 

Hope this can be helpful for you. Wish you all the success with your business in BFCM and this upcoming Holiday season!