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I want to make products more attractive during Friday sales. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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This is an accepted solution.

Our dorpshipping  company can offer you with our branding, product video/photo custom packaging and bundling to make your product more attractive during this season. Please check our site to know more or you may contact us directly for more information.

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Hi Howard, 

We actually just launched an App that let's you direct your shoppers to the items you care for the most (the most profitable item, a best selling item etc.)

It's a beautiful animated banner. 

While this is a paid app, since we just launched, you can get it for free for life if you install this week. 

Check it out :

Would love to learn what you think of it!


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Hi @Howard67,

A solution like AdScale can help you create attractive ads automatically and easily using products and content taken from your store. Moreover, it uses AI technology to target the relevant audiences based on your store data and advertising history. Our customers' average ROAS is 1,000%! (success stories)



Here are just a few of the features you have available on AdScale:

1.  Automatically & create multiple ads from your store content on Google & Facebook

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2. Ready-made ad copy library with dedicated templates for BFCM


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3. 24/7 AI optimization of your ads and campaigns

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You can learn more about how it works in this video:




AdScale weaves the power of AI technology into your advertising by automatically creating and optimizing ads on Google, Facebook & Instagram with ROI of 1,000% and success-based pricing