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Hi Drooza,

Hey! If you are planning to spend significant budgets on paid ads, do not forget to retarget those customers. What we’ve noticed that many stores seem to be facing the same issue - spending $$$ on paid ads to get traffic to their store - but they’re not seeing enough conversions from paid traffic. 
One thing to check is that the landing page you’re directing visitors to is what they’re expecting to see when they click on your advert. For example, if you’re promoting a particular product, make sure your URL points directly to that page. Or if you’re promoting a store-wide sale, make sure you’re pointing visitors to a specific landing page for those. Additionally, it helps if your store design looks great and is easy to navigate. And that your store loads quickly. (No-one likes a slow-loading website!).
One thing you might not have considered is trying to reuse your paid traffic by retargeting visitors with a welcome greeting, promo campaign or abandoned carts campaign. 
In the case of abandoned carts, you can set up a flow of messages to be triggered automatically whenever a would-be shopper leaves an item in their cart, either through web push notifications, SMS or email. For best results, it’s a good idea to combine all three channels (an omnichannel approach) - that way you have more chance of reaching people and attracting their attention. To start with, try push notifications, as these provide the cheapest way of retargeting visitors. You can then use other channels afterwards if you don’t get the results you want.


Push notifications offer the excellent advantage of being able to track abandoned carts without your subscribers having to leave their email address or phone number at checkout. This means they can capture a larger proportion of abandoned carts, compared to SMS and email. Here’s an example of how this could work:
Imagine someone visits your store by clicking on your paid advert. Once on your store website, they sign up to receive web push notifications. (This is something you can set up with an app like Firepush; it actually has all three channels in the one app and enables you to set up campaigns from a single dashboard.) So that person browses your site and adds an item to their cart before clicking away. If you’ve created a flow of automated abandoned cart campaigns, these will be triggered automatically. That person then receives an alert through their web browser which they’ll see on their phone or desktop device, perhaps with a time-limited discount code to tempt them to continue through to checkout. 

This is how you can make use of your paid traffic so that it works more in your favor and actually helps visitors to become customers. Good luck!
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