Trying to #OptOutside our store for Black Friday

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Hi all,

I'm trying to set up our webstore to go dark for Black Friday, a la REI's #OptOutside, and am looking for some suggestions on how best to manage this. Our store (/collections/...) is the only section of the site we want to turn off temporarily; the rest of the pages have important information for members we would like to keep visible. is our site.

1) I've created a new /pages/optoutside page and am trying to redirect all /collections/... pages to the optoutside page. Is there a way to redirect ALL /collections/... pages with one Shopify URL redirect (something like /collections/%), or do i have to configure redirects for each individual page, including product pages? Most of our store traffic lands directly on a product page or collection instead of going through the normal site nav from the homepage.

2) Is there a better way to achieve this?



Hi Jay

You can override the collections listing page to show only desired collections.

Or you can write a javascript to send customers to your custom page when they visit certain collections/products pages.


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