"Last Chance" "Final Sale" badges up for grabs! Convert confused shoppers before BFCM ends :)

Hey y'all! My small team & I know how much BFCM means to everyone on Shopify, and how last-minute buyers can change the game!

So here's a bunch of Last Chance, Last Minute, 1-Hour Sale, and other such #fomo creating badges on ModeMagic (or click here -> https://apps.shopify.com/modemagic). And yeah, we also have a flat 20% off on all credits packs plus a special Thanksgiving Giveaway for extra credits too Ping us at kay@getmodemagic.com or just install & chat with us there!


Cheers and viva la BFCM 


Kay Mann, the eCommerce nerd and Bitmoji fan :)
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Hi Thanks for sharing, ModeMagic app has some great collections of product labels and badges. Indeed such prominent labels convert confused shopper.