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Hey there!

I am setting up a printing and promotional product store. The problem I am running into is that on the product list page, by default my theme shows the bulk pricing.

Example: it shows 500 post cards starting at $250

What I need based off of how customers shop is for it to show Starting at $0.15, which would be the unit price. 

I reached out to Shopify support (which has been great with helping throughout this whole setup) and they were able to remove the Starting At price from the product list page, but I really need it to show the price per unit in as many places as possible. 

I am currently using the Classic theme but am willing to switch to a theme that is already set up to do what I want. Does anyone know of a work around in the Classic theme or a theme that can make this happen for me?


Thanks for your help!

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Hi Jessica,

I am not aware of any themes that have this feature. You can calculate the unit price with JavaScript since the Shopify Liquid Math filter will return a rounded value on 250/500.

Another option would be to assign a product tag with this pre calculated unit price value and just display that:

{% for tag in product.tags %}
  {% if tag contains "unit-price-" %}
    Price per unit: {{ tag | remove: "unit-price-" }}
    {% break %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Where the assigned tag is unit-price-0.15

Not tested but should work along those lines tips, tricks & Shopify sections
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Hey Jessica,

We just finished building a product that does exactly this... please PM me and I'll send a link to install the BETA version, completely free. Attached is an admin panel screenshots, and the design on your product details pages is totally customizable, of course.

I'm Cheers!

Ryan Kulp || Founder || Fomo (
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This app has been updated! You can now install directly here:


Ryan Kulp || Founder || Fomo (
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This app is not available anymore. Is there another solution?


Looking for an app too. Thank you! :)

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