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I launched my store before I got into any of the marketing techniques, I guess I got very excited. I started with instagram and facebook then twitter and pinterest. I get alot of traffic from instagram and facebook, but still no sales. I have not asked for any email sign ups and I have not paid for any ads. Unsure where to start now that I am already in it. I don't want to make the wrong move, but I want to be able to build traffic and start generating sales. What do you suggest I do?

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Go with Facebook ads marketing. You can find lots of video on that in youtube

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Hey @ashleyandamaya1,

It's unfortunate that your store is not getting as many orders as it should have. When you start a new store, it sometimes takes time to fine-tune your store design to improve your conversions. 

You can share a link to your store on the Feedback on My Store Channel in Shopify community to get design feedback on your store. Regarding ads and traffic you can try these out 

1. Try installing a chatbot option on your website. Try talking to your customers and get feedback on what's going on.

2. Install an integration like HotJar to record user sessions and see why and where they are dropping out. 
3. Make some info clear like where all do you deliver and whats your delivery timeline looks like. 
4. Use tools like Google Analytics to identify if the users visiting your store are the right kind of audience. See where and in which step do they drop out.
5. Use exit-intent popups from apps like GetSiteControl to get feedback or provide offers to users who are about to leave.

You can also check out the app I recently launched. You can use labels such as trending, bestseller, sale, new, etc on your product images using this app. Labels would help you highlight your products using social proofing, trust & urgency, and let your customers choose quicker. Assisting users decision making can lead to more conversions and increased sales.
Click this link to download the app: https://bit.ly/36ly69H

I hope your store sales grow soon. Cheers, and wish you all the best :)


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Hi Ashley,

It'd be great if you provide the website URL, so the community or Shopify gurus could help you with valuable suggestions. If you hesitate to give the store URL, you can PM to users. It's a great feature of Shopify Forum.

In my experience, usually there are two main problems:

  1. Targeting. You sell and ship locally, but sell globally.
  2. The Landing Page. It's not optimized, for example, the images are loading slowly. The layout is breaking up on the mobile device etc.


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