Inventory Management - Tracking raw materials that are needed to create finished goods/products

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I need to track raw materials that are needed to create finished goods/products, i.e., my product is a cake but I need to track costs and inventory of the eggs, milk, flour, etc. needed to complete the cake/product and link the two.  The last discussion of pertinence I could find on this community board was in 2013.  Hoping this function has been integrated or plugin is now available?  Thank you!  Dada 

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Hey @DadaGabor @ -- I'm actually working on a product that helps organizing and facilitating inventory management, with specific features for produced goods.  I'd love to learn about the specific painpoints you are experiencing and if the solution I'm building can help out.  Want to shoot me an email at gary[at]

Looking forward to it!

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I just came across your post, and I think the problem you're mentioning is happening in other industries as well for other Shopify merchants. 

It might be worth taking a look at this app? 

It was built for restaurants initially, but the main goal is to keep track of raw ingredient count and link a Shopify product to these raw ingredients, with insights on your costs, etc.

Let me know if it helps! In any case, there is a 28-day free trial so you can see if it's suited for you @DadaGabor