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Hi There,


I'm on week 2 of FB ads but haven't made our first sale yet. Week one we got about 1,200 visitors to our site and 5 adds to cart but no sale. We started a retargeting and a lookalike ad 3 days ago and have had about 2,000 visitors total but still no sale. 


I'd love any feedback, I feel like I'm missing something but not sure what. Our website is


Thank you,



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Your site looks impressive to me.  I checked out the available on Amazon link.  Looks like it is a few dollars cheaper and includes 2 Day Prime delivery with Free returns.  Your site says " usually takes between 7 and 14 days to arrive at their destination but can take longer from time to time."

That could be an issue? 

I also do not see any reviews on your site.  The Amazon page has 158 reviews.  Is this selling well for you on Amazon?



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hello,do anyone do ADS before first sale? my shop traffic is poor even after list product on shopify and does optimizing of products title and picture.

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Hey Chris, Jennifer,

Congratulations on your store and a great product! I saw your Amazon, you’ve made an impressive french press.


It seems like users are not converting on your website. Your Amazon page is more than enough proof for your product. I feel like you should leverage that to make sales on your website too. I understand you might want to sell more directly from your store - follow all the things that you do on your amazon page to get across your message efficiently.

This means: 

  1. Explaining what the product is as soon as a user lands on the website. Your current copy says “She’s beautiful”, but unless I make a quick conclusion, it doesn’t tell me anywhere you’re selling a french press. In the first fold. Consider updating that. 
  2. Add more photos of your French press, right in the first fold - since that seems like your flagship product.
  3. Reviews - pick up reviews from your amazon page, maybe snippets of them and put them on your website as proof. All of it counts towards converting users here.
  4. Also, I believe you can tout that “4.7 out of 5” rating on Amazon. It’s a really powerful testimonial!
  5. I think you guys have a good story behind the product and the name. You should really make it more visible/more use of it. Right now, I had to do some digging to reach your story about when you were in the navy. And how the Joy of Missing Out came out. Plus there are two versions of it, the other one on your about us page.
  6. You should keep the price on your page and the amazon one the same (if your aim is to sell more on the website). If a user checks out your amazon, they might end up placing an order there - because of the difference.

Get the story in order, use social proof (which you have plenty of!) from Amazon, and make some minor copy/image changes - and I think you’ll be good to go.


I hope this advice helps. Let me know how it goes!



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