What do you aim to accomplish with your brand?

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Building your brand and defining the identity of your business may be the single biggest decision that you make when you set out to start planning your company. No other choice has the same power or influence over every future action you take as a business owner, especially when you consider your brand will be the measuring stick with which your customers evaluate you against the competition. 

The extension of your brand far surpasses your choice of business name or logo that you commit to all of your marketing material. Although those two aspects will prove crucial once you have hit the open market, your brand is the feeling and the mood your business invokes on shoppers and helps you to carve out your niche in the world.  

You can’t build a brand without being deliberate about your hopes, desires and objectives. For this reason, once you’ve chosen your product and have begun validating your business model, the identity that you strive to carve out and create in the online market is so important. 

What aspects of your business do you hope to highlight and illuminate with your brand, and how are you going about doing that?

What mood or feeling are hoping to invoke with your brand?



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