What goes into a business plan?

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Business plans are essential to the short term and long term success of your business. A successful plan will give you and your business a roadmap and a steady direction for your future, to help you safely navigate around potential pitfalls and bumps in the road. 

Your plan should detail your products / services, your target market / audience, what makes your business unique, and should speak to the nature of your business and your marketing strategy for now and the future. Most of all, explain why you care and what motivated you to begin this journey. Every business is created in an effort to sustain itself with profit, but the best businesses stand out for a cause. 

To create a business plan, you will need to research and analyze your product, your target audience and intuitively understand your market .You must know your product, your competition and your end user intimately in order to give yourself the best odds at success. In the end, it’s the perfect solution to your ‘About’ page on your website!

What items to you aim to include in your business plan? 

What are your tips for creating a solid business?



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