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Hello everyone, hope everyone is safe, and doing the possible to get through the pandemic as best as we can.

I am nearing the completion of my shopify shop, and after adding all the best payment options available to me, i made an order with paypal to see the process and how everything works. 

The only problem i encountered is the high fees, 2% for shopify and another 2.9%+0.30€ for paypal.

I've seen in the past some e-commerce shops that charge an extra fee for using paypal at checkout.

Can i add this extra fee for people paying through paypal on my shopify store, and if so how? 

Thank you.

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The only way to really do this with standard paypal buttons and shopify plans is by baking it into product prices.

If you know in advance they are going to use paypal before the checkout flow then you could just do some advanced customizations and use two sets of inventory one for normal one for paypal checkouts.

If you want to set this on the product page you could add paypal as a variant option and then only let paypal buttons show when that variant is selected this way also you can bake the words 'paypal fee', etc into the product title to remove ambiguity about why the price is different.

Or add a companion product to the cart.

Remember messaging - Big thing to be careful of though when swapping product&prices is making sure the customer is aware this has happened or it can seem like a bait and switch which is super bad. So using a companion product as a fee can be much better.

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