Before Closing a Store Do's and Dont's

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Hello, everyone, I had a store and closed it successfully.  However, someone did not due the same for me. Here is my story as a customer: I have been waiting on my order since February from a store name "Sun Jewels & Co"  and nothing. I decided to be patient and wait because of all that's happening in the world with COVID-19. However, today 05/19/20202 I was like I been waiting enough  I want my money back. When I went to look for my order online there it was but to my surprised I can't go to the store to contact them. The store had been closed and that's when I realized it was a dropshipping business that had been using Shopify and unfortunately closed along with my money. I have been calling the Shopify support customer service and after waiting for quite a while, a kind gentlemen help me big time. I said to him everything that had happen and how I try contact the store trying to reach their website and how there was no way to contact them and how I had hit a wall. He gave me the best advice and that was to go to my bank and file a complaint. Now, this won't be of any good for the person that decided to leave there business overnight. It is an easy route to just go ahead and closed the entire thing and even think you can keep your clients money perhaps but in the long run of moths, it can really come and hit you back big time. So to my advice before closing your online store make sure to give refunds let your customers know that you are going to close and that way you just avoid problems.