COVID-19 forced me to work from home...What are the online jobs

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COVID-19 forced me to work from home...In addition to opening a store here, what else is easy to work online...
I know that opening a shop on shopify is a good form of online work, but is there any more, it is best to give me related websites, thank you

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hi @Drak_W @AlexWilliams0 

In fact, there are many kinds of online jobs, such as opening a shop in shopify, but there are other jobs that do not require any experience. If you want to know, you can continue to look down.

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  • Renting Things Out
  • Transcription
  • Writing
  • Social Media Site Supervisor.
  • Blogging
  • Online Studies
  • Translation
  • Information Entrance
  • Client service
  • Search Engine Critic.
  • Build your own online store 1. Renting Things Out

    Pick a point you possess, Make Money To Lease It out …

    What happens if I informed you that by this time following week, you could be paying your very first check …

    A check that you gained by picking to turn something you have that is not being utilized into an income source..

    To get going with leasing anything out, all you need is a reputable peer-to-peer rental platform marketplace as well as a computer with a good Web connection.As well as do ALL this in the convenience of your house beginning with simply a couple of hrs this weekend. is where anybody can post anything they have for lease, or want to share and get back. Currently you can rent that lawnmower to a next-door neighbor down the street that you’ve never talked with. Maybe you have a drone that a wedding celebration digital photographer would love to utilize for their following wedding.

    However how do you recognize the individual you’re renting your item as well won’t damage your stuff? That’s the wonderful component about Close friend With A’s insurance. On every item you rent out, there is an alternative to guarantee the thing for an additional fee. And all with a rankings and review system to ensure accountability on both events, so that your item is secure and safe.

    So next time you’re aiming to gain a little extra money, just break a picture, establish your price, relax as well as relax, and also await the money to begin rolling in. As a newbie, you can begin generating income online without even lifting a finger. Make easy income from points that are currently sitting in your residence.

    2. Transcription

    If you wish to make some additional money without too much hustle, then you ought to take into consideration on-line transcription tasks.

    Essentially, you’ll require to listen to audio documents and write them out in brief paper. It includes paying attention and also typing at the same time. The majority of companies normally do not require any type of past experience.

    To begin with transcription works, all you require to have is a computer with a great Internet link.

    There are many different kinds of transcription works. As a rookie, you can start with general transcription, working on documents like basic dictation, university lecture, conferences, meetings, webinars, and also podcasts.In general, you’ll get paid for the length of each audio documents or the number of characters produced from the recording product, despite for how long it takes to record.

    Do note that to transform a one-hour audio recording right into message kind can actually take as much as 6-8 hrs to finish. It’s a rather time-consuming task.There are many transcription jobs offered on freelance web sites like Freelancer and Upwork.

    Right here are a number of transcription companies that give rookie typists an opportunity:

Due to limitations, I can only tell you so much, if you want to know more about online work without work experience, then you can take a look here.

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These days you can work from home because of Covid - 19 effect. You can work as a content writer, you can start your own blog, you can transfer your shop business to online and supply your products to the home. Work with Uber, Zomato, or other app services to supply your products. You can also work with News channels I think like CNN, YourViews, and other local channels to earn money If I am not wrong.

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