COVID Packaging Surcharge to Each Item Purchased

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I want to add a COVID surcharge to every order. 

It works on per item. I can't add it to my shipping fee as that will account for only 1 product. 

I can't add it on each order because when we offer a discount the COVID packaging surcharge will also be discounted. 

I want to be added when the client selects more than 1 product, we charge $3 per product for packaging, it is not optional. 

Besides custom coding, is there a solution?

Thank you 

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If your on a shopifyPlus enterprise plan use checkout scripts


If you need to do it quickly and aren't using tips see this workaround I've been exploring to repurpose online tips feature with proper messaging:


we charge $3 per product for packaging, it is not optional. 

Unless you have some solid reason for this to be seperate(taxes,culture signaling) the simplest sanest option is just bake the price into products:

 export to csv -> markup -> reimport.

If you never done anything like that consider using a backup up app.


More complex version of the above is to have 2 sets of product for cart and pre-checkout, first set is normal priced, then when checkout buttons are press swap to the 2nd set of product with the markup(make sure you have pre-informed customers of this markup)


After that a customization to consider automatically adding product to the cart is

Though it is a product so discounts apply unless make discounts that can exclude that.


If it is always a preset denomination and you want customers to opt-in then see


More complicated is to make custom carrier service and then bake the price into the shipping



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