Can I still get the 90 days trial? Can't find the link to sign up

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Hi,  I am trying to sign up for the 90 days trial to set up my shop but all the links are 14 days.  I saw lots of questions posted about extending from 14 days.  Is that the way to do it?  Or is there a super secretive link somewhere that can still be accessed for the this trial?

Thank you very much for your help!


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Hi @WiseCrackers,

In March, we introduced 90 day free trials as a temporary relief effort to help businesses get online during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of June 1, this offer ended and we’ve returned to our standard 14-day free trial. You can follow this link to start your 14-day free trial. Just enter your email address and click Get Started!

I understand that this may be frustrating, and I do wish there were more I could do for you! This offer was always a temporary measure, intended to help new business owners who were beginning their journey during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have attached below a selection of links that will provide you with the necessary information to get started.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

**Getting Started** - For helping to figure out what’s important to get stuck into first!

**Customizing** - So these are some great links to help make your store your own!


**App Store** - For all things app related


**The Business Side** - For all of your business-related needs



Hope these are of use to you and I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have!


All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I started this 90 days trial this 21-May-2020. I have been working on the store's content now and not online yet. It might take one more week to complete the setup for online sales. 90 days trial ending is applicable for only new registration on or after June 1st we believe. We are assuming our trial is still valid until 21-Aug-2020 meaning no monthly charges till that date. Where can we see about trial ending date? Please confirm. Thanks in advance. 


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I have been working on a dev store for a client new to ecommerce (has a retail store) and I did not realize that the 90 Day Free option was going to expire on June 1st or I would have transferred the store to her.  She is a brick a mortar owner who is only trying online because of the current circumstances.  


Did I miss the notice that the 90 trial option was ending?  Is there any other option for her other that the 14 day trial?


Thanks for any help you can offer.



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Small businesses are still greatly affected by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and many are shutting down. Please consider extending your 90-day-free-trial offer for a couple of more months while things start getting back to some sort of new normal. It wasnt announced the free trial offer will end in May, and so many small businesses like mine were not aware of that. Please do continue to support the community with this great offer.