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Hi folks,


In light of the current social-distancing concerns, we have developed a contact-free confirmation of delivery service. It allows your recipients to sign for parcels with their smartphones, avoiding direct contact with couriers, protecting both parties.


The service offers 3 things:

  1. Contact-free confirmation of delivery via QR code (plus SMS option for non-smartphone users)
  2. A channel to engage the recipient at the point of delivery by creating bespoke ‘thank you’ messages. This could be a discount code, a special offer or a personalised message, a substitute for the printed promotional collateral that these companies put into their packages.
  3. When a user signs up for a paid plan, we also donate 25p to healthcare charities.

We'd love to hear your feedback as well as any cool suggestions for extending the service in ways that would better help small businesses. 


We offer 10 free display code labels for free per month to get you started.



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Hey Rikki,

That sounds really cool! Hope your app picks up during the COVID times!

One feature/alternate option you could consider adding is an OTP feature. OTP can be communicated by the buyer to the delivery person at the time of delivery to confirm receipt of order. 
It's fast, can be conveyed from a distance or on call and can be sent to the buyer in advance by mail/sms.


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