Coronavirus and how its affecting my dropshipping site.. Any suggestions where to go from here?

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With the Coronavirus and my country (USA) basically shutting down and everyone being on lockdown. I feel like its a blessing and a curse for us. Since were the only ones that can keep working because everything is online, so its hard to be out of work completely, but its also a curse since all the borders are closed and my suppliers are out of China. So i've been forced to stop working on my website, had to slow down on my marketing and basically everything else on the website.

Since all my suppliers are out of commision for now, my question is.. Is it even worth it to keep dropshipping right now? since I can't really ship anything and even if i do it will probably take a month or two AT THE LEAST, when it used to take like a week at the most.

So im thinking of doing some freelancing work for the meantime just to stay busy and maybe make a couple dollars. Im also doing some low-risk advertising/marketing for the website just to keep the traffic flowing, but still even if anyone buys anything, its not like ill be able to get their product to their house in a reasonable time. Is anyone else having similar problems like mine? I feel like im stuck between a rock a hard place lol.

I hate to not be working at the pace ive been going at for the past 2 years, and im starting to run out of ideas. So if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do from here. Let's have a conversation, im open to any ideas/help.

Thank you.

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For the decision to pause, push forward, or shut down the store I think that's something only you can make.


What we're doing (in a store I'm partnered in):

- cut back (and pause some) on paid ads

- double down on SEO (since it takes months to kick in anyway)

- analyze expenses and cut / pause what's not necessary

- shipping units in-house as necessary (we use Amazon FBA for fulfillment but they stopped taking inbound shipments)


What I would do if I were in your shoes:

- Figure out when you'll be able to open the supply chain again so you can project your expenses and decide what to pause.

- If possible maybe you can ship units directly to your house, then fulfill orders from there (not ideal, but hey times are tough). International shipping still works so you should be able to receive shipments (and send to customers).

- Spend your time working on SEO so when things ramp back up you'll have a boost in organic traffic.



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Enjoy the adventure!

If you can keep your cost low, you can wait for a longer time and wait for the bounce-back. Just review your bill and cut unnecessary costs. Who knows how long it takes to get everything back to normal? If you can do freelance online, just make more side-income.


If you have professional digital skills, can you try to sell it online, e.g. course, ebook, etc? Just try to create digital products which are not affected by the lockdown

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 Will keep all of that in mind, for now I think im just going to pause on this new store. It's been open for about a month and was finally getting the traffic coming with my marketing strategies. I don't really want to hurt the reputation of the store already with slow shipping times and any other unexpected complications in the near future. 


I really like the SEO idea of just perfecting that, since it does take a little bit for it to kick in anyways. I also plan on just doing some freelance work to keep me busy and brush up even more on my computer skills. 

Thank you for the advice! 

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Thank you for the feedback! Ive been cutting all my costs for marketing already, and basically just paying to keep the website up for now. Since this is my newer site, i don't want to hurt it's reputation with slow delivery times. 


Unfortunately, I don't have too many digital skills. That can be something i could learn in the meantime, while we're all waiting for everything to get back to normal. I'm the marketer/salesmen on this website, so that's all i've been focusing on lately.


Thank you for the advice! Much appreciated